Xiang Lei Magnolia concert, 200 thousand square meters long spot


About Us

        Xianglei, founded in 2008, is located in Shuitou Town, Nan’an City, Fujian Province, known as “the Town of Stone”, and is a diversified  and cross-regional stone company integrating of mining, production  and processing of  various varieties  of stone, undertaking  of large-scale projects  and  import  &  export  trading,  specializing  in  building  construction,  hotel  fine decoration, hotel design and luxury house decoration businesses.
        The  company insists  on  the quality  management  and professional  and  attentive close-up services, specializes in processing and importing the imported marble mainly including beige series Baiyulan,  in a  bid to  create personalized  environment space with  innovative design based customers’ needs. Meanwhile, the premium and abundant ore mining resources not only provide a  quality stone for  their businesses, but  also lay a  solid foundation for  developing multi-category stone products.
        Since its  establishment,  Xianglei constantly  launches new  products to  achieve the  perfect combination of stone,  architectural and decorative art;  Xianglei always keeps pace  with the development trend of  the industry, proactively taps the elements  of stone fashion, and leads the trend of stone fashion with aims to become a new benchmark for the stone industry.

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